Motor Canopy Creative Ideas, Danger Or Not?

Currently, there have been many creative ideas for motorcycle canopies that aim to protect riders from rain and direct sunburn. But not a few of them still doubt safety while driving.

Motor Canopy Function

Traveling by motorbike is indeed an alternative for many people to avoid confusion. Especially if you live in an urban area. Of course, this feels very disturbing to arrive on time.

But one of the drawbacks is the absence of protection to protect against heat and rain. Unlike cars in general where you can still drive safely even if it is raining heavily or scorching during the day. This time, the motor canopy can be the solution.

With this motorcycle canopy, the rider will be protected from heat or rain while riding. Riding a motorbike becomes more comfortable and won’t even overheat anymore. Even users can fold it when they are not using it so that it is portable.

Is It Dangerous to Install a Motor Canopy?

Actually, the installation of this motor canopy is already a lot in neighboring countries. But in Indonesia itself, most motorists still prefer to take shelter in front of buildings or fly over when it rains and the sun is hot. But is installing this one attribute really dangerous?

One safety riding professional argues that installing a canopy is legal as long as it is temporary. For its installation should also be appropriate because its main function is to protect from rain and heat. In addition, when carrying the motorbike should also not be too tight.

Likewise, motorcycle taxis cannot install a canopy on their motorcycles. The reason is that they will not speed up to carry passengers. If the speed is too high, worry if later the motorbike has not been able to avoid being hit by the wind so that it is dangerous for the driver.

Types of Motor Canopy Creative Ideas

There are several types of motorcycle canopies that you can use according to your needs while riding a motorcycle. The difference lies in the shape and also the color so that you can choose it based on each taste. The following are among them:

  1. Motor Canopy Umbrella Type 1

As the name implies, this type of canopy has almost the same shape as an umbrella in general. But the difference is that it slightly extends to the back so that it can reach passengers in the rear motorcycle seat.

This motor umbrella is derived from anti-UV material to avoid uv radiation effects and is very thick because it is composed of Oxford material. The side end of the umbrella is slightly curved upwards to avoid impacts with the rear passenger’s head. Able to withstand up to 60 Km / h.

  1. Motor Canopy Type 2

As for type 2, it has a different shape from the first type. Because the shape is a little bit like a semicircular tent so you can open or close the front as needed. So it can be used in all weathers, either hot or rainy.

Many buyers use a motor canopy type 2 to take children to school, go to markets or malls and others. In addition, it is also available in various colors so you can choose according to your individual tastes. This canopy fits passengers as high as 1.8 meters both front and rear.

  1. Motor Canopy Type 3

The next type is that it has a much different shape than types one and two. You can fold it when you are not using it. Of course this is very easy for users because it is portable and can carry it everywhere when traveling.

In addition, the canopy of this type 3 motor is also lighter than the two types above because of its shape extending forward and rear. That way, it will not disturb the balance of the rider when riding the motorbike.

The Unique Shape of the Motor Canopy

In some neighboring countries that have widely implemented motor canopies, it is not uncommon to find motor canopies with unique shapes. You can also try it as long as it will not interfere with safety while driving. So there is nothing wrong with creating motorcycle accessories.

  1. Polkadot Motor Canopy Umbrella

If you want the balance of the motor to be more stable, then choose with a combined form between the umbrella and the canopy. The reason is that the size does adjust to the passengers in front and rear even if they are tall. In addition, there is also an additional tarp on the front side.

Interestingly, this canopy material is specially designed transparently at the front of the driver so that it will not interfere with his vision while driving. But unfortunately, there is no additional tarpaulin on the side so there can still be a risk of being exposed to rainwater from the right and left.

  1. Full Curtain Motor Umbrella

Next, you can choose a full curtain motor umbrella that is able to cover the whole body both front, side and rear. But as a user can also adjust it to close on a certain side if you don’t use it.

With a flexible design like this, it certainly makes users feel comfortable to wear it at any time. Curtains are unplugged according to the needs and tastes of use. You will avoid UV exposure to sunlight and also rain.

  1. Motor Canopy with Sideline

This type comes with a tarp on the side without a cover. That is, you will not get curtains like the previous kind. However, passengers can be protected from rainwater due to the presence of additional parts on the right and left sides.

Just like before, the material in front of the driver is made transparently so that it will not interfere with the range of vision during driving. The colors are also available variously so that you can choose according to your individual needs and tastes.

  1. Motor Canopy 2 in 1

This form comes with the ability to be more able to protect the rider from sunburn and rain. Because this motorcycle canopy consists of an umbrella at the top and also a curtain on the side, thus guaranteeing that the rider will not be exposed to rain.

Even the length of this canopy is able to cover part of the legs of the passengers so that you will be perfectly dry while in it. The front and sides are transparent for easy access to vision for passengers.

  1. Beam Shape Canopy

Finally, there is also a more unique shape of the motor canopy, which resembles a beam or cube to adjust from the handlebar of the motor. That way, the side of the curtain will not hit the driver’s body because it can interfere during driving.

In addition, the umbrella on it also seems to be made of very thick material. With a higher design on the center side, this canopy can be used for anyone even if the passenger is tall.

Actually, the creative idea of a motor canopy has appeared for quite a long time in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. But even for Indonesians, it never hurts to try it. As long as you still pay attention to the rules when installing it so that it still guarantees the safety of the driver.