The Philosophy of the Cutlery, What is the Wisdom for Life?

Actually, all the things created in this world have their own meanings if you are more sensitive to knowing them. Likewise, the philosophy of a cutlery does not only function as a cutlery. But in fact, it also has a positive meaning for human life.

The Philosophy of the Cutlery

It is not the main requirement for someone to go out to eat, but not a few also attach great importance to its use. Being side by side or not with their partner, is also not a problem for its use.

Just wearing a spoon is not a problem but it will feel strange when you just choose a fork to eat. Especially if you are eating soupy foods such as soup and soup. This is certainly very important in order to complete the fork.

Such is the role of the spoon, although it is not included in the main equipment but its role in the table manner is indeed very pronounced. This means that even though it is small and sometimes underestimated, its existence is actually the main need for most people.

The Philosophy of Simple Goods in Your Life

For those of you who are observant and sensitive to the surroundings, of course, it is not surprising that some items actually have their own meaning in life. For example, such as cups, plates to even small objects such as spoons and forks. So what are these equipment?

  1. Cups, Empty Containers Must Be Filled

Everyone certainly knows that a cup is a container of liquid objects such as coffee, tea, juice or other forms of drinks. If you try to reflect on it, then this one thing can describe human life because it contains various things ranging from science to information.

Like a flexible cup, it also comes back to yourself. Is this self able to contain useful things or are the bad things full in it. The answer is that only kindness will bring millions of benefits to oneself.

  1. Cup, Must Be Filled According to capacity

There is nothing that has no boundaries in this world. Likewise with the capacity of the cups because they both have a maximum size so you can pour any form of drink without spilling. This also in fact also shows a picture of a person’s life.

Everyone must have different boundaries both in terms of responsibilities, burdens, patience to ambitions. This cup philosophy also asks all of you to always take wisdom for what it gives. So don’t force it if it exceeds capacity.

  1. Empty Cup

This empty cup philosophy is emblematic of how one in life should also feel empty beforehand. So the question is why is that? Because when you feel something like this, it’s time to get the contents back.

If you reflect on the philosophy of an empty cup in a life, then it can prove about a person’s humility when it comes to learning. This means that if the person feels empty then always curious about the various sciences of life.

  1. Spilled Glass

Just like the previous cup, the glass also has its own capacity so that the water and liquid in it are limited in quantity. Likewise, if you relate in everyday life. This burden of life must always be borne to reach its limit in the future.

So to overcome it, it does not mean that you should avoid the burden of his life. but what humans need to do is set it up so that it still feels light and able to face. It could be by looking for a way out, for example, stopping for a while or reducing the habit of complaining.

  1. Glasses with Various Shapes

You also need to pay attention to the shape of glasses that are very diverse in this world. Of course, the variety is really a lot. Likewise in human character. Everyone has their own traits even though they also have similarities with each other but there are still differences.

In essence, you need to be more flexible and wise to respond to the diversity of human characters that exist in this world. That way, of course, you will not feel surprised and confused when dealing with human traits that have never been encountered before.

  1. Pencils for Writing Various Stories

You also need to learn from a pencil capable of writing millions of human stories. He will always grow strongly even if the tip is often broken. This shows that as a person on this earth, it is not easy to stand idly by. Especially when dealing with difficult situations.

Rest assured that this kind of situation actually shapes humans into new, stronger people. You can also use pencils to write millions of stories and stories with all your soul. But one thing is certain, this stationery will not be forever immortal because it is exhausted by memories.

  1. Paper is a Loyal Figure

Meanwhile, paper is a loyal figure, namely loyal to telling stories. You need to learn from this one tool because it always accepts whatever the author’s outpouring of hatu without judgment, reproach and anything. In fact, he never gets tired of giving his white sheets to be full of ink.

As a human being, you must also be able to try to be a good listener to others. Always make room for them even if they just chat about simple things every day. Because this writing will always be a memory and stored in eternity.

  1. The Giver of Knowledge

Meanwhile, the pen is never separated from human life. He is always scratched to stick to rows of letters, numbers to sentences or even illegible scribbles. Where there is a pen, it will definitely provide useful knowledge for anyone who is the reader.

As a human being, too, it must also be so, like a pen that always provides benefits and positive influences for the surrounding environment. No matter how it responds, but the virus of kindness must be spread to others.

  1. Eraser, a Substitute for Truth

Physically, the eraser does have a very small size but has such a big role in its philosophy of life. He was able to erase a mistake and replace it again with the truth.

This shows that life is inseparable from a mistake whether intentionally or not. Each of these vices, you have to replace them with new goodness even though they can’t just disappear.

  1. Life Process Pointer Ruler

What can you gain from the philosophy of the ruler? Who would have thought that there was a life lesson from this tiny tool. Imagine if you want to make a distance but there is no measuring instrument, of course everything feels so difficult.

The straight-spread ruler shows that each person has a clear life plan in order to hopefully achieve that goal. But never forget how the process is first to pursue that dream.

There are actually a lot of meanings of life contained in the things around you, as well as the philosophy of a cutlery. In fact, every piece of equipment, both small and large, contains philosophy and life lessons.