Examples of Self-Introduction Narratives in the Interview Process

One of the stages in the interview is to introduce yourself. Even this stage is in the first place before moving on to the next questions. Therefore, if you are taking an interview test then it is necessary to know some examples of self-introduction narratives.

Self-Introduction Tips and Tricks

For those of you who want to give the best impression when introducing yourself, then there are some tricks below to do it. Not a few people have proven it and even really produce a positive effect for prospective employees when they are taking a job interview.

  1. Remembering the Name of the Interviewer

At the first time of meeting and getting acquainted, never forget to remember what the name of the recruiter who is conducting an interview with you is. This tip aims to establish closeness between each other because it gives respect to the interviewer.

At the time of communicating with them, never forget to put on a happy face. Give your best smile but don’t seem overwhelming. This method aims to feel that the current feeling is indeed comfortable during the interview.

  1. Providing Personal Information

When providing personal information, you need to sort out which data is indeed important for the interviewer to know. For example, such as full names and nicknames. This will make it easier for the interviewer to remember the name during the interview process.

Not only that, you also need to provide information about the latest education at this time. However, there is no need to mention from the beginning of receiving education, at least universities ranging from study programs, departments to faculties.

  1. Work Experience

You need to go on to convey about the work experience that has already been lived before. Especially if these abilities and experiences are related to the job application position. This will be a certain consideration for HRD to accept prospective employees

The reason is that most companies do tend to choose prospective employee candidates who already have experience. So that when they become employees later, they don’t need long to study in order to be able to do the main tasks according to their respective positions.

  1. Special Skills

Not only does it convey what the work experience is, but you also need to explain specific skills as a plus. Especially if it is related to the job application position that will be applied for at the company. Put this ability first because it is important to convey.

For example, when you apply for a graphic design position, then in addition to having an educational background in a similar field, also add special skills. In this case, name some other software and supporters mastered

  1. Clear, Complete and Confident

During the self-introduction process, try to explain all the information about yourself clearly but still be concise and not verbose. The reason is that if there is too much personal data, it actually makes people confused in understanding it.

Also make sure that you are always prepared and confident in various follow-up questions. Not from explanation alone but also from the look on the face. This will be a consideration on the part of the reviewer to accept their prospective employees.

Examples of Self-Introduction Narratives

For those of you who are preparing to take part in the interview stage, then here are some examples of self-introduction narratives. Make it as reference material so as not to have difficulty in compiling it.

  1. Self-Introduction Narrative for Journalists

Introduce my name, Husin Faisal Akhtar. I graduated from the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Communication Sciences who graduated in 2018. I have been an active member of the campus journalist. Precisely when participating in the Student Activity Unit specifically in the field of Jurnalitisk.

My participation in the SME made me understand the world of journalism from interview methods to news making. In addition, he also had an internship at an online media company for 6 months. I learned a lot of things during my time as an editorial assistant.

  1. Self-Introduction Narrative for Customer Service

My name is Annisa Reihan, who graduated from S1 from the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Airlangga. I have had quite a lot of experience when I became a customer service when working at a Nusa Abadi company. During work, my duties have a lot to do with consumers.

I also understand how the ethics of grroming and serving consumers. In addition, I really like to hang out with many people so that makes me a good listener. Now I am ready to develop into a better person based on my experience.

  1. Self-Introduction Narrative for Fresh Graduates

My name is Muthia Azzahra, I am a graduate of S1 English. During college, I was active in various campuses related to English. This eventually makes say learn a lot of things and have a variety of experiences.

I also represented the campus in a student exchange event to London England to be precise in 2015. My English skills are constantly being improved. One of them is by attending various trainings. While my TOEFL skot is at 650.

  1. HRD Manager Self-Introduction Narrative

I am Luthfia Achmad who has experience as an HRD manager for 6 years. I am known to be very innovative in my work. He also understands all the functions and aspects of the company’s HRD division. Starting from recruitment, training to improving the quality and capacity of employees.

Previously, I had worked in one of the foreign companies. The position is also the same, namely the HRD manager until it succeeds in helping the company get the best employees ready to work according to needs.

  1. Fresh Graduate Self-Introduction Narrative

My name is Annisa Mutiara from Gadjah Mada University. I learned about economic organization for seminars in lectures. In addition, it is also diligent in conducting research on organizational structure, leadership and culture on case studies in global companies.

I have a high curiosity. In addition, I also like to travel up to 5 times abroad every year. The last country I visited was Estonia and is known as a developed country in the IT field.

  1. Self-Introduction Narrative in Manufacturing Companies

Introduce my name bayu Aji Bramastha. I graduated from Diponegoro University in 2013. Furthermore, he worked at PT Adiyana which is engaged in manufacturing, especially in the form of automotive spare parts. I used to be in the Sales Department for 5 years.

My thesis research on remote sensing is directly related to the product. Through this topic, I have high confidence to build on the results of my work. By joining your company, I will utilize my knowledge and skills.

The stages for introducing yourself are the main stages that are important for describing yourself. Not only in front of the interviewer but also in the group of new people. Use the self-introduction narrative above as reference material to make it easy to structure it.