Dream Book Entrepreneurship, What’s In It?

When it comes to dreams, of course everyone has had dreams. Although it is not always realistic, it is not uncommon to also be an encouragement when falling. No wonder some schoolwork also asks their students to make an entrepreneurial dream book .

What are the Contents of a Dream Book?

Not only is it a school assignment, but students can also pour out their dreams in a book. There is also basically no basic rule as to what kind of content of this dream book is. So one can be as creative as possible to make it attractive and beautiful.

The cover of this dream book you need to make as attractive as possible to show that the content in it is no less interesting. Don’t forget to add motivational sentences as encouragement so you can achieve all your dreams. Next make a list of dreams and supporting images.

This dream can be both long and short term at your disposal. In addition, don’t forget to also give the planning to have a target to achieve it. If you want to look more planned, create a special page for daily and weekly breakdown results so that you can see the progress.

How to Create Your Own Dream Book

People will usually put together their dream book at the beginning of the year to open a new page. The main goal is to commit to long-term goals so that they really feel progress as long as you want to achieve them. Here’s how to make it yourself:

  1. Choosing a New Notebook or Unused Notebook

For some people, they will use a new notebook because it becomes a thing that feels good. This still clean book does give one’s own desire to make the most of it. But it’s not a problem if you choose to use an old notebook.

You can also use a notebook that is unused but still has a lot of blank pages behind it. Cover the page in front of it with tape or directly tear it off. The most important thing is that there is still free space to write millions of dreams and ideals later.

  1. Decorate your Dream Book according to Style

After having a book for this prospective dream book, the next way is to decorate it as creatively as possible. You need to beautify the notebook in its own distinctive style. The goal is not to feel boring when you want to open it. In addition, it also gives rise to the desire to achieve it.

You can use stickers or cutouts of images you like. Next paste the sign on the cover of the dreambook. Make typography or hand lettering because this method is able to add aesthetic value to your own dream book. But it is not a problem if you leave it without decoration.

  1. Write Down Dreams and Paste Photos

The new year is synonymous with a new spirit to start everything from scratch, including composing dreams. You can start by writing the dreams you most want to achieve. Usually the first page will contain long-term dreams to be visible when opening the first time.

Don’t forget to also paste a photo or a special image to visualize the dream you want to achieve. To be truly of high quality, make sure that the quality does not break at the time of printing the photo. The goal is not to damage the aesthetics of the dream book.

  1. Adding pen holders

You can assume that the dreambook and the pen are a single whole so they can’t separate them. Because dreams will appear at any time so you have to write them immediately. So just stick a pen in the cover area or side of the book so it feels easier.

The goal is not to easily forget to write or break down your dream book. Usually in the type of notebook there is already a separate place available such as built-in elastin rubber. Just put a pen in it so that it doesn’t get lost easily.

Benefits of Creating a Dream Book

Not just a place to pour out your dreams, but this dream book also has its own meaning for the owner. Many people consider it a source of inspiration and motivation to realize their dreams because they indirectly want to realize them.

  1. As a Source of Inspiration

When you want to make a dream book, you will write down various dreams, goals to what wish list you want to achieve. This can be long-term or short-term. By seeing it every day, it will certainly be an inspiration in itself so that you can immediately achieve it.

The reason is not uncommon for some people not to choose to tell their dreams to others. Finally, he harbored himself until he lost his spirit of grabbing it. Of course, you don’t want to experience this. So try to write what those dreams are through a dream book.

  1. As an Increase in Enthusiasm and Motivation

Like the goal at the beginning, making a dream book will be a reminder as well as an encouragement in realizing what is written in the book. For example, when you are losing your spirit, then motivation can arise later after returning to read this dream list.

By looking at the dream book, it will slowly remind you of the wish list to be achieved. Therefore, this book also plays a role in adding enthusiasm and motivation. The owner also does not give up easily or fail when he is losing inspiration.

  1. Improves Mood and Inspiration in Yourself

Did not expect that in fact this dream book can also improve the mood for the better. Because you have tried your best to compile it so that the book contains many dreams and other good things.

By looking at the dream book, you will also see things full of kindness to grab it immediately. Especially if it is written some positive quotes are certainly able to waste negative energy in yourself such as laziness, fear, disappointment and others.

  1. Help get more creative

Miraculously, this dream book is able to make you a more creative person. The reason is that during the compilation, a person can devote his ability to create as much as possible. Even if before himself had absolutely not much artistic or aesthetic value.

The bonus is that someone will get the therapist effect from making the craft. There are many crafts that need to be arranged ranging from sticking stickers, writing with hand lettering or typography and so on.

  1. Make Yourself Consistent and Committed

Your personality, who always strives to achieve these dreams every day, shows that it has changed to be consistent in realizing these desires. This is not owned by random people.

Because there are still many people who stop halfway during the process of realizing their dreams. This is because they feel less confident or discouraged so they are inconsistent to realize it. Of course, it is very unfortunate if failures like this happen.

How to make an entrepreneurship dream book is also not so difficult. You can be as creative as possible to structure it. Don’t forget to also add positive quotes so that it can be an encouragement and motivation in realizing this dream.